Tuesday, February 23, 2010

random ramblings

Yesterday I spent most of the day holding a fussy baby and wishing I had Mary Poppins cleaning magic. Today she seem to be doing a bit better- but this baby's preferred location is in my arms- with out my mom here we are hearing a bit more crying these days...

Today I have been cutting out cardboard horses to make our own stampede- I have primed one side and they are drying on the kitchen table. I also have this (the second version) simmering on the stove for dinner- smells delish!

I splurged on these the other day at the grocery store- I split the bouquet of 20 up and am totally loving seeing them as I walk into my kitchen, living room and bedroom!

I think Adelaide is going to be a red head- she definitely has the complexion and her hair seems to be looking more and more red all the time.

You know you've been on the computer too long when...

I took these pictures as I've been writing this post- she's finally given up and gone back to sleep :)


Melanie said...

Too funny. I have almost the exact same recipe going in the crock pot at home. My recipe is a little less involved (no sauteeing of onions) but it is excellent. Enjoy! I know we will.

Leslie said...

oh she is lovely


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