Thursday, February 18, 2010

sewing seeds for Haiti

Monday I spent an hour or so sewing together a few skirts for Sewing Seeds for Haiti. These were super simple to make- 2 were from a yard of fabric that I cut in half and sewed the salvage edges together with a french seem and then put a casing in the top and hemmed the bottom. The others were made from pillowcases so all I had to do was put a casing in the top and the opening of the case was the hem.
While I was sewing Tallulah said "Are you sewing something for me, mommy?" She was so sad when I told her that, no, indeed they were not for her. In the end I let her pick 1 of the 6 skirts I made for her own and we talked about how we were sending the rest to little girls in Haiti who did not have lots of pretty skirts like she does. Of course she wanted to model her skirt for me- such a ham!

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Leslie said...

this is such a great thing to are you finding the time?


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