Monday, August 30, 2010

first day of school, 2010-2011

We survived the first day of school! barely, but we survived. Right now it is mandatory quiet time for all the kids, 2 are sleeping, one crafting and the other two playing Legos.

We debated back and forth all summer weather or not to send Tallulah back for another year of preschool, especially since she will be doing CC with the rest of the kids and that would mean going out 4 days a week. In the end we decided to send her back and today was conformation that we made the right choice. You see, Preschool does not start for another week, so she was hear with us this morning while I tried to juggle school work for the other 3 kids. Remember that crazy Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes? I think Tallulah must be a direct descendant of his. Case in point, this (more or less) is what our "schoolroom" looked like before we started school this morning.

And this is it after
Such joyful students I have :)
Well, I guess you can imagine what I am doing with the rest of my day! If I can dig myself out of this mess hopefully I will be back with more posts this week, wish me luck!


Mama Bear said...

Just a general comment.

I enjoy seeing how creative you are on a budget, you don't care to get your hands dirty (if you know what I mean). Some women (people) just say they can't do it and then DON'T and get satisfied with the less than.

You aspire for more.

Thanks for being an inspiration.

brookebrownell said...

Wow. That disaster looks oh-so-familiar. How does that happen so fast!


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