Thursday, August 26, 2010

proof of miricles and a finished sewing project

I finished up Regan's bean bag chair (the sewing project I referred to yesterday) last night before heading to bed. I am really happy with the results, and I think Regan is too, even though (heaven forbid) there are some pink dots on it .

I used this tutorial (adult size), only we used a little more than two, 100 liter bags of pellets. I bought three bags and plan to use the rest in a child sized chair, one of these days :)

And here is the documented miracle... Regan's room is CLEAN!
I had to take pictures because I knew it would not last and chances are it will never look this good again, but I least I have these pictures to remind me how nice it can look.
Back to cleaning- tomorrow is our last sewing class and I will try and remember to take some pictures to post of the girls and their awesome sewing! TTFN!


Mark and Megan said...

You are so crafty, I wish that I was as crafty as you. *smile*

Jess said...

That chair turned out great!


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