Saturday, August 21, 2010

new room in an afternoon

The boys finally got their makeover today! It is amazing how transforming one coat of paint can be. The room went from this, to this all in the hours between lunch and dinner!
I've been promising for 8 months now to paint over those flowers and when we had almost a full gallon of both green and blue paint left after re-painting Regan's stripes (I guess I overestimated how much paint it would take to cover the pink!) we figured now was the time!

We also did a little rearranging that gives the boys a little more room to move around, since their room does double as the play room too.

I got their new covers on clearance at Target last week (when I got Regan's).
Can you tell they are excited about their new room? These boys rarely smile for photos!

Courtney, there is one of the pink headboards from Regan's (old) room. I plan to paint it green as soon as I get a chance- it is acting as a back to a wire shelf in the "laundry/pantry" area of the room.
I want to say that we are done with painting for awhile, but the truth is, I am itching to do board and batten and paint the kitchen- got my colors picked out and everything- currently I think the paint budget is empty though, so we just might get a break after all!

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Courtney said...

amy, it is SO like you to not waste, but then again very different that all the kids have similar colors in their rooms :-) you are so good at multi-purposing and reusing stuff. LOVE it!

if you are at a shortage for blog topics, how about a follow up to how teaching your summer sewing classes went? :-)


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