Friday, August 27, 2010

sewing class

We finished our last sewing class today and I am so proud of the girls, they did such a great job and I will miss having them all here each week!

Our first class was a 4 week hand sewing class where we made a softie owl and embroidered a t-shirt. I wish I had take pictures of all their projects, but I just plain forget! Anyway, here are my example projects so you get the idea.

We took the month of July off and came back in August for 4 weeks of machine sewing. I had a total of 5 students ages 7-11. We started off with machine basics (how to thread the machine, fill your bobbin, straight stitch, back stitch etc.) then we moved on to our first project, a tote bag. In this project they learned how to make a french seam, how to sew and turn handles, and how to make boxed corners.

I made the initial appliques before hand and stitched them onto the fabric for them to go back and hand embroider (around the circle) later.

And our final project was a pillow cover. I pre-cut the squares because that would have taken a whole other 4 weeks I think with 5 girls trying to choose and cut their own but they sewed them all together today and did such an awesome job!
I think they are all very proud of all their hard work- I know I am!

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Courtney said...

So cute! i think i need to learn about a french seam. and i love regan's hair/bangs!


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