Saturday, June 18, 2011

beach day

This week there was free admission at all the VA state parks, so today we loaded up and headed to the beach at First Landing State Park for a couple hours. It always surprises my how much stuff one family of 7 needs for just a couple hours at the beach... and we don't even have an umbrella or beach chairs!

Addie was not sure about the water at first...
or the sand, for that matter :)

We dug her a little sand pit and filled it with water and that is when she decided the beach was alright, lots of squealing, laughing and splashing. (I know, there is no water in this picture, it had all drained out and the bucket was in use for a sand castle, but you get the idea.)

This was our first time going to this beach, which is actually on the bay, not the ocean. The smaller waves were really great for the kids (and for my peace of mind). I definitely think we will go back here.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!

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