Friday, June 24, 2011

whole30 update

I went shopping today. I just barely got all the produce in the fridge. I like buying so many fresh fruits and veggies.
So, week two is coming to a close. My weight loss has plateaued. I am still at about 5-6 pounds (same as last week), but I am finding I don't need/want to eat as much food, so I think I will start to lose again, hopefully. I still am really not missing the sugar or even craving the carbs (except when I am baking bread for the kids (: that is torture). I do miss butter, though.

As far as continuing for the rest of the 30 days we have made a few small changes, hoping they will ease the grocery bill a bit. We will remain sugar, dairy and grain free with two addendum's- I have added beans and corn back into our menu and I also bought a bag of (gasp!) white potatoes! We are both feeling good and hoping that this small change will allow us to continue for the next two weeks. I don't have plans to continue eating "paleo" past the 30 days, but this has definitely changed the way we look at food and I hope will have lasting effects on the way we eat.


Kris said...

I thought I would add that if you do a cleanse of some sort it should help your weight halt if your interested in that...good luck on the next 2 weeks and I love how full your fridge is of fresh foods...I am shopping later and hope mine will hold that much(:

Ailsa said...

Even though it's packed to the hilt( I am amazed you can fit so much in that small fridge!) it all looks so appetising and fresh! Keep up the great work!


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