Sunday, June 17, 2012

girls morning out

Yesterday Regan and I met one of the ladies from church at the Mall for a little bit of shopping.  Regan was in desperate need of some new church clothes and our friend Susie was more than happy to come alone as our fashion consultant.  We had such a good time (which never happens when Regan and I shop together) I don't think I will ever take her shopping with out Susie again! 

After we were done shopping we headed to the food court to grab some lunch.  What a surprise to find one of the local gymnastics places had a whole set up in the food court with bars, beams, mats etc.  Regan has only been begging me every day for over a year to take gymnastics, so she was thrilled when she got to go play on all the equipment!  We were there for over an hour and I could hardly get her to sit down for a few minutes to eat her lunch!

Of course I did not remember to take any pictures while we were out, but I did snap a few this morning before church.  Even though the shopping trip was for Regan, we came home with a couple things for Addie and Tallulah too, and they were all more than glad to model their new outfits for me this morning :) (Please ignore the breakfast mess behind them!)

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Jamie said...

How precious,those sweet moments when they need us the most!!!How R U feeling so far,I am due Sept.4TH ,I have to say I just love your blog.You dont try to make believe another life to please readers and your creations are amazing.The Little Red Riding Hood and Fox blanket is AWESOME,you are blessed at many things.


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