Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have a long list of things I need or want to get done in the next few days and weeks before the baby comes, but I seem to be pretty poor at prioritizing them.  I often find myself sitting at the craft table and working on a project instead of attending to the more urgent needs like making a grocery list for our shopping day tomorrow, washing and folding clothes, doing our end of year testing with the kids or making room for another crib and the pile of baby clothes I sorted and washed a few weeks ago (wow, that was a long sentence!).  I think this is what nesting with ADD looks like- I've got the list of things to do and the drive to get them done, I just go about it in a totally scatterer brained and unorganized way!

Anyway, here is one of my random projects I've been working on. 
They are number tags for the nursery at church.  The bracelet with a number on it goes with the parents and another matching number gets clipped onto the child's diaper bag.
Now I am off to make that grocery list, hopefully I can stay focused and get it done!  Wish me luck!


Rachael Noga said...
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Rachael Noga said...

These tags are soooo cute! Would you ever consider making a set and selling them to another church?

amy said...

Rachael, Thanks so much for your interest in my nursery tags! With a new baby in the house and the school year just begun I am not really up to taking on anything extra outside of what I do for my etsy shop. The tags were pretty simple to make though and I would be glad to tell you how I made them if you want!

Jefanda Ward said...

I would love to know how you made these.

amy said...

I ordered the wooden discs and key chain clips on etsy and drilled the wholes in the discs myself. Then I punched circles out of scrap book paper and used # stickers. I used Mod Podge to decoupage the paper to the discs. I didn't coat them with anything but the Mod Podge, but I would recommend a top coat like Triple Thick to protect the paper and stickers.


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