Wednesday, June 27, 2012

working my to do list

The 4 big kids have been attending VBS in the mornings this week and I have been crossing things off my to do list faster than I can write them!  Adelaide has been the perfect companion for all our morning activities:  baking, shopping for some new clothes for her dad, finally closing that bank account I have not used in years, a quick trip the grocery store, rearranging furniture etc.

We've also painted some furniture...
completed all but 2 sections of our yearly testing!
And I've even found a few spare moments to work on some sewing projects!  I cut out the exterior fabric for this diaper bag and am just waiting for my order from (lining fabric, interfacing, notions etc.) to come so that I can finish it up.  I've also sketched out most if my squares for the Happy Go Lucky embriodery sampler and have started stitching a few.  This is a project that will probably take some time for me to complete, but that is okay- I like to have projects like this to work on when I'm watching TV or on a long car ride etc.
In other news, I bought my first maternity top today.  I know, totally crazy to be buying maternity clothes when I have less then 5 weeks to go, but this seems to be the way I roll.  I wear my regular shirts until I really can't go out in public in them any more without my belly hanging peaking out the bottom.  With Adelaide I think I was 38+ weeks when I finally caved and got 1 shirt that fit me.  This time I will be living in luxury the next few weeks with not only 1 top that fits me, but two dresses too!

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