Monday, June 18, 2012

living room update

Our living room got a little update last night.  After being rescued from someone else's trash and abused for another 10+ years in our home we finally got rid of those two blue chairs...
and replaced them with  this!  Our good friends are moving across town and purging all the extras in their house and we were lucky enough to inherit this extra large sleeper chair.
Look at those two cuties sneaking into my pictures :) (and ignore that half finished paint job in that corner!)

I also picked up this cute little bird house on clearance at Target last week.  Our Target is a smaller one and I don't always find a lot of great deals there (at least not as many as it seems other people find!) so I especially love it when I find something fabulous like this on clearance :)  It's kinda hard to take pictures of a cage and have then turn out great, so you just have to take my word for it that this is super cute.
Next I'd like to find a couple fun lamps for those tables on either side of the "new" chair and replace the curtains.  I am also hoping to start a new project for the living room this afternoon that I will share with you if it all works out the way I am hoping :)

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