Monday, June 25, 2012


The hubby got a new grill for Father's Day, but last week he was so busy that he did not have time to put it together until Saturday.
He and the boys spent the morning putting it together on Saturday...
And we are finally ready for some summer grilling! (we threw our old charcoal grill away at the end of last summer as it was literally falling apart).

I bought Adelaide this swimmy vest while we were out on Friday and she has been wearing it every waking moment ever since we got home from the store!  All she talked about all day Saturday was going to the "cool(pool)" and wearing her "swimmy in the wa(water)" She was so tickled when she got in the pool and was paddling herself around (as she giggled and squealed) in no time at all!

My little water bug got to try our her swimmy again on Sunday when some friends from church invited us over for an afternoon swim in their pool (and I finally joined instagram!)

We picked up two more friends from church and spent 3 hours splashing away.
A perfect end to a great weekend :)

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