Monday, January 7, 2013

just when I was starting to feel caught up...

Three new adult aprons for Kitsch (the shop in Norfolk where I sell some of my things)...

They are all reversible

This one is my favorite :)

I finished up these aprons last week and was finally feeling like I was caught up after the craziness of the holiday craft show season...

Until I got my sales report from Kitsch and found out they had sold almost all the camera straps I had given them along with most of the size 8-10 kids aprons they had (YAY! I mean, this really is a good problem to have).
Then I had a friend ask if I would be willing to give sewing lessons to her daughter (which will be great b/c it just happens to be one of Regan's best friends, so I will probably teach them together, which means weekly friend time for Regan and it will force me to stop and work with R on her sewing!)
And finally (I hope, I don't think I can handle much more!) a friend brought by 4 boxes of blank T's and yoga pants (infant and toddler sized) that her cousin wanted to sell (long story short, she had her own business selling baby/toddler clothes, blankets etc. but due to some unexpected circumstances and an international move was clearing out her stash).  The stuff is REALLY nice quality, all made in America and some of it is Organic too! So, it looks like I will be adding something new to my shop in the next few months! 
Despite feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, I am pretty excited about all the making and creating in my future :)  Hopefully I can still find some time to pop in here every now and then too!

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