Wednesday, January 23, 2013

over the weekend (part 2)

My mom and dad came down for Emmaline's baptism.  We missed having the rest of the family present for her baptism, but were excited to  be able to have her baptized at our church (we traveled back to MD, to the church I grew up in, to have the other kids baptized).

My mom made the gown.  All 6 of my children have worn it and their names will soon be sewn into the slip and hopefully our grandchildren will all wear this gown too.

It was nap time and poor Emmy was so tired!  As soon as we got her out of that gown and laid her down she fell fast asleep!

Another special moment, my dad was able to say the prayer after the baptism. This is something he has done at the baptisms of all 18 of his grandchildren!

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