Monday, January 28, 2013

snow day

The kids were thrilled to get an inch or so of snow over the weekend.  Well, Addie not so much- she lasted about two minutes before she was in tears asking to be carried back into the house, but everyone one else loved it.

The spent most of the afternoon Friday and all day Saturday outside.

The snow was a little dry for packing, but by mid day Saturday they were able to get a decent snowman made. (They also had the beginnings of an igloo going, but I only have pictures of them kicking it down Sunday after much of the snow had melted.)

We couldn't find any sticks for the arms, so the kids took turns being the arms for the camera :)

Yes, I know Micah is wearing crocks in the snow- we don't typically get a lot of snow around here, so Addie (the one who hated the snow) is the only one who has a pair of hand-me-down snow boots!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

If you ever want boots or snow pants, let me know. Ours are usually well loved, since we get lots of snow, but we are happy to pass them along.


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