Wednesday, January 9, 2013

mt. laundry

This is what happens in a family of 8 when you miss a day of laundry!  I don't mind washing the clothes, as long as everyone gets them to the laundry room, but as of last weekend I have officially boycotted folding laundry for anyone over the age of 5!  I am headed to Walmart to get each kid a small bin that their clothes will get separated out into upon leaving the dryer. From there it is up to them what becomes of their clean clothes, cause this mama is done staying up til 11pm folding laundry after it has sat, clean, in baskets, in the living room for day!  I honestly don't know why it has taken me this long to start moving the laundry chores to my completely capable children! (Brooke, if your reading, thanks for the individual laundry bin idea!)


Bob and Julie Bowling said...

Wonderful idea, Amy! My kids started doing their own laundry nice and early in life-- freed up a lot of time for a homeschool momma!

Your family is beautiful. I love checking in on your blog!

Julie (Jordan & Dianna's Mom)

Ailsa said...

It doesn't take long for the washing to pile up does it? Luckily for us we are in the middle of a heatwave so it dries outside on the line in 15 minutes. My kids each have a basket (all have a different colour) and it works brilliantly.


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