Monday, October 26, 2009


Sew, I finished the mermaid costume. Sewing this fabric is like trying to sew water, and out of all the dresses I have made this was definitely the most complex- I am really not sure why either. I will definitely be more discerning in my pattern choices in the future!
Regan still does not want to wear it on Saturday, but she does LOVE IT and says it is very comfy! That is definitely progress :) The good news is, it is big enough that I am sure it will fit her next year, so there is still time for her to be a mermaid for Halloween... someday :)
The boys finally convinced me to make them costumes for Saturday as well (I know, I am crazy). So I dug through my fabric stash, made a quick list of the things I needed to make their desired costumes and we made a mad dash to the fabric store this afternoon. Would you believe we made in in and out in 30 minutes and spent less than $15! That is definitely a record for me- both in time and money spent! Well, you know what I will be doing this week. More picture to come!

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