Thursday, October 29, 2009

two down- two to go

I was hoping to have posted this earlier in the week, but this morning was the first time I had a chance to take photo's of Micah's costume. He picked out this prince pattern almost a year ago when Hancock was having one of there $1 patterns sales and has been begging me to make it ever since. The goal of the week was simple and frugal, so with that in mind I search my supplies to find as much as I could at home. This Costume probably ended up costing the most money out of the 4- but still under $10! Here is the breakdown:

Black fabric for cape- a table cloth left over from when I sold Silpada- $0
Gold Satin for lining- $3.20
Blue Felt for Tabard - $2.00 ( and I only used a fraction of the yard that I bought)
Gold Felt for crest- out of stash $0
Black belt- made for table cloth- $0
Belt Buckle (a necklace charm from Micheal's) $2.50
Hook and Eye for cape- $0.75

Total- $8.45 and I very happy 6 year old :)

I did not do this for Regan's costume in my last post, but hers was all made from my stash- I think I paid about $4.00 for the fabric at a clearance a few months back and bought the pattern a couple weeks ago for $1!

Well, I better get back to the sewing machine if I want to get Max and Tallulah's costumes (plus my own!) done before Saturday night. Back soon with more pictures!

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