Thursday, October 29, 2009

two posts in one day?!

So, we don't have any dinner to eat, but I got Max's costume done! This is also from a pattern that he picked out at that same $1 pattern sale almost a year ago. His first choice was actually a viking costume that I said no to because it was just too difficult to do in such a short time (and would have been much more costly), so he settled for this knight costume.
This costume ended up being a real bargain...

Red Felt for tunic- $2.00 (I also only used a fraction of the yard of this that I bought)
White Felt- from stash- $0
Black Hooded Shirt- from the dress-up bin- $0
Gold Tissue Lame for belt and boots- left over from last years king costume- $0
Batting and Lining in boots and belt- scraps from my stash- $0
Sword and Shield- we made these last year also, when we studied castle times- $0
(looks like the shield could use a new coat a paint before Saturday night!)

Here are the boys, in action- they look pretty fierce, hope these costumes make it to Saturday night!

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