Wednesday, October 7, 2009

harvest festival

Here are some pictures from the harvest festival we went to last weekend. It was at the Agricultural History Farm Park in Derwood, MD.There was so much to do, we did not even get to half of it, but the kids had a great time. If you live in Montgomery County and have elementary aged kids it is definitely worth checking out next fall!

The "shuttle" from the parking lot to the farm grounds.

There were tons of crafts for the kids, we just did a few...
putting together little flower bouquets from the garden

painting clay pots

coloring party favor butterflies

an archaeological dig

and tinsmithing.

Some of the other highlights were the tractors
and the corn maze- we almost did not make it out alive :) Grammy and Poppy actually quit and snuck out, but the rest of us stuck it out and made it to the exit, a little tired and sure that next time we would ask for a map first!

And who can resist a family photo op like this? We gained a couple kids for this picture (two of my nephews) :)
My list of things I plan to do today (all before we go to AWANA tonight) is getting a bit ridiculous-

-Bake and decorate cupcakes
-Bake these
-Make these (just happened upon the lanterns at Michael's today, so had to buy some)
-Make my own version of this (I have been thinking about this for a week and Jen's post gave me a bit of motivation to make it happen)
-Cut out and sew some cloth napkins
-Put together this wreath kit with the kids that I got on clearance last for for $3!

Luckily dinner is already in the crock pot :) Hopefully I will be able to tackle at least some of it and share some pictures tomorrow!

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