Monday, October 5, 2009

waterford virginia

Last Friday Phil took the kids to DC to see the dinosaurs and I got to go with my mom and my sister, Sherri to Waterford, VA for their annual fair. My mom has been going since the 70's and I have gone with her a handful of times in the past 15 years. It is such a charming little town with rolling hills and beautifully maintained old houses. I took my camera with me this time so I could share some of the wonderful things we saw while we were there.There are house tours, great food (like carmel dipped apples and homemade ice cream) and juried craft exhibits. I especially enjoy watching the crafters do their handiwork.

This hat is hand carved from wood!

I always love these leather masks- wish I could buy them all for the dress up bin!

This house was for sale, I told Phil I want to move here :)
I have lots more pictures to post from our trip to MD, but I will save the rest for another day!


Leslie said...

this looks like an amazing and fun place...those leather masks are beautiful

Birdie said...

Wow! What lovely photos! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time.


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