Friday, October 23, 2009

the best laid plans

I am really good at making a plan to be organized. I make charts and lists, schedule out every minute of the day making sure that the nothing (will) get neglected. And I can even keep up those great organizational plans... for 1 week. That's it- one week of a clean, organized, well run house and then complete disaster! It is like being organized for that week takes so much energy that not only can I not keep it up into future weeks, but I seriously digress in the second week! We are at the end of that second week right now, I look around me and see nothing but disaster and feel nothing but exhaustion and complete overwhelmment (I just made that word up) at the idea of trying to recover from the chaos! I did not even realize that I have been MIA from my blog since Monday until I clicked on my blog bookmark this afternoon! So, to prove (mostly to myself) that my week has not been completely unfruitful I took a few photo's of some of this weeks projects...

I've been making some take along art book's for a Bazaar at my nephews school.

I just love this vintage Holly Hobby fabric!

Baby blanket fabric washed and pressed, ready to be cut and sewn into some new baby blankets!

A mermaid costume for Regan that she had already told me she does not want to wear for Halloween, why do I bother?

In the final stretch of Tallulah's blanket- This is the flower border that will surround the entire blanket.
Well, looking at all this really makes me want to do some sewing or crocheting, but I stayed up way to late last night folding laundry and watching a recording of SYTYCD and Glee (I think this is the second time I have watched the show all the way through and all I can think when I watch it is that it's HSM for adults). Anyway, the couch is calling me (the couch b/c if I get in bed I will never get up!) Hopefully I can pull myself together this weekend and you will see more of me next week. TTFN!

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