Friday, December 4, 2009

sewing together?

Regan has been bugging me for weeks, maybe months to make a dress or a skirt for her or her sister. Last week she pulled out the rest of the fabric that I had used to make Tallulah's skirt last Christmas and decided she wanted a matching one. When I bought the fabric I had intended to make them matching skirts then, but Regan's lack of enthusiasm for anything I sew for her (and for dresses and skirts in general) caused me to put it one back burner, and then I used some of the fabric when I was making these, so there was not longer enough to make the exact same skirt as Tallulah's.

Anyway since we took this week off of school and the house is clean (straightened anyway), and I can't do any of my Christmas sewing with the kids awake I decided this morning was as good a time as ever to work on the skirt with Regan. So we pulled out the fabric and came up with a plan on how to make a skirt that would be long enough for her and started sewing. Regan lasted one seem before she was off doing something else with her brother and could not be drawn back to the sewing machine, so I was left to finish it on my own. I think it turned out pretty cute and Christmassy- I don't hold out much hope for her actually wearing it though- it was fun anyway!

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