Friday, March 12, 2010

apron 1

I had hoped to finish this up and post about it yesterday- but as I am discovering- life with 5 kids (one being a newborn) is much slower then I expect it to be! I keep making these ridiculous "to do" list in my head and accomplishing nearly nothing on them! In this case, what I thought I could do it one day ended up taking 3.
Anywho- this is the Tea Cup Corset Apron from Meg McElwee's book, Sew Liberated. The pattern is pretty involved (41 steps in all) but very well written and easy to follow. I really like how she goes the extra mile to have seems finished nicely or hidden all together (many store bought patterns I have used leave lots of raw edges and exposed seems). This was the first thing I made from the book and I love how it turned out, I look forward to trying more of her projects!

Up next- two matching apron's for Regan and Lulu (using McCall's 5997).


Sherri said...

Very Cute!

Annie@Imagination said...

lovely colour choices :)

Jess said...

I love that book! And this apron looks beautiful!

jen said...

I LOVE it!


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