Saturday, March 20, 2010

saying "yes"

I have been inspired by Ann to say "yes" more this year. I think I am often failing at this challenge- but today I said "yes"!
Despite all the reasons I had to say "no" I said "yes", and you know what I heard Regan say to the others? "Most parents wouldn't let their kids do this." Now that feels good (even if it's not true). She feels heard, her creativity encouraged and our relationship bolstered by one little yes on a sunny Saturday morning! I hope this is something I remember to do more often!
Their first customer (our neighbor).

1 comment:

Courtney said...

did she make the sign, too?! it's great that you had the chance to over hear the "gratitude" -- although in a way she was calling you crazy, but in an appreciative way. :-)

i've been saying yes more often, but i am still not sure that saying yes to the things that create post-playdough dried clay bits and post-crafting glitter trails has made my children any happier. hmmmm...


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