Sunday, March 14, 2010

under construction

Yesterday morning we noticed a bit of a "funk" in Regan's room- I thought it was just from having the door closed all the time and told her to leave it open and let the air circulate in a bit, but as the day went on the "funk" got worse and worse. By the time we got home from Parents Night (yay for the YMCA!) it smelled like something had died in her room. We tore the room apart trying to find the source of the stank and played 20 questions with Regan about what it could possibly be- hidden food, something spilled etc. Turns out she spilled a cup of water she was using to do water colors and I guess she did not soak up the water very well. I am guessing that the excess water and remnants of the previous owners cat mixed together and resulted in our house smelling a bit like a litter box. We tried getting the smell out with various sprays and baking soda, but to no avail- so today after church I did this-
We are hoping to put down hardwood floors someday- so we didn't really want to re-carpet the room, so this is our temporary fix. Phil found some remnant carpet pieces in the shed and I cut them out to fit the space- duck taping them down to hold them in place and cover up the not so even seems I made with my handy-dandy Xacto knife (not the best tool for carpet cutting). Now we are in the market for a cute, inexpensive area rug to cover this lovely "fix"!

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Robyn said...

Glad you got the smell out! Bless your heart.

It's amazing just what all duct tape can come in hand for, isn't it?


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