Monday, March 8, 2010


I've got a couple of apron patterns that I have been wanting to try (one is the apron in the Sew Liberated book)- I finally made it to the fabric store today to buy some fabric for them. The top 3 are for the aprons. Regan somehow convinced me that she wanted to make a dress, so I let her pick out some fabric (the yellow with butterfly's) and a pattern. She of course wants to do it all on her own, but I told her that we would have to do it together- hopefully I wont pull out all my hair on this one! And that monster fabric on the bottom was just so cute we could not resist it, so I got a couple yards to make pj pants for the boys.

I've also been working on a pattern for my quilt.
This is a project I am taking slowly- probably won't really get working on it until summer when I can really dedicate some time to it, but it has been fun working out the details in the meantime!

What are you working on right now?

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Andrea Esler said...

hi, what cute fabrics! can you share the PJ pants pattern you are using for your boys (assuming it's not copyrighted)? I have been wanting to sew a pair for my 4yo with some leftover flannel I have.


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