Saturday, March 6, 2010

beating the winter blues

We surprised the kids last week with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge here in Williamsburg. They were offering a discount for homeschoolers (in conjunction with the Williamsburg homeschool week) so for an incredible rate we were able to spend one night in a two bedroom suite and spend two days at the water park!

I packed up and loaded the car while the kids were asleep so they had no idea where we were going or what we were doing. Even when we pulled into the GWL parking lot they still thought we were just "checking it out" and not staying there! Needless to say, when they figured out that we were in fact staying AND that they got to spend two days at the water park they were thrilled! In Max's words "Mommy, this is the best surprise ever!"

So, I took somewhere around 100 pictures and narrowing down which ones to put on here was a challenge, but here are a few highlights from our stay...

Story time in front of the fire in our suite.

Fun times playing in the waves with Daddy.

It was like returning to the womb for Addie with all that white noise and the 80-some degree's. She slept pretty much the whole time!

Water slides with Daddy. (Can you see Max's feet sticking up between Phil's?)

At the end of the Canyon River slide- Tallulah was not so sure about that one!

The Flow Rider
Even I got in on the action!
I have some great wipe-out pictures of Phil on this, but decided not to post them to help preserve his pride :)

In case you weren't sure, we had a great time- if you ever have the chance, GO!


Jennifer said...

Fun! So glad you all went.

Kristin said...

I'm jealous! :-) Looks like wonderful fun!!


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