Tuesday, March 16, 2010

meet the crew

(from left to right) Blue John Swashbuckle, Captain Flint Swordswallower, Chloe Jump the Plank and Captain Mack the Goat.

We've been trudging along in school, but with nobody really enjoying it. I knew we needed a change up, something fun, even if just for a few weeks. Two weeks ago I came across this on the Homeschool freebie of the day site and, since we had a thrifted copy of Treasure Island laying around, I printed out a copy to look over. Then, while we were at the library last week there was a pile of Pirate books on the top shelf of the "to be shelved" cart so I grabbed them up- it was providence- we were to do a study on Pirates. And this morning confirmation that I am doing the right thing came when Micah came in to the living room begging to do school and Regan started panning a pirate show that the kids will put on at the end of our study- this is when I love homeschooling!
Yesterday we did lesson 1- we read the first 3 chapters of Treasure Island and everyone made their own Jolly Roger flag and picked their Pirate names.

Here is Captain Flint Swordswallower showing off his skills :)
They've been dressed like Pirates all day- actually, Max is pretty much dressed like a pirate all the time- I do make him put on regular clothes when we go out in public though.

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