Friday, April 16, 2010


It just hit me how far behind we are in school- we don't want to spend our whole summer doing school, so we have been in overdrive this week starting the catch up game. So far it is going well, hopefully we can keep up the schedule and be done by the end of May. Anyway, time has been slipping by so fast, I just realized I have not blogged since Tuesday, so here is a post of random pictures from our week.

We got a new mattress Monday (our old one was defective- very saggy) and the old one was on the floor of our living room for 2 day. Oh, so much bouncing fun! Anywho- the kids were playing hide and seek the other day and this was Regan's hiding place. It is a bit freaky looking, but she was trying to blend in :)

I couldn't post a bunch of picture and leave out this cutie- so sweet!

Captain Hook had to change (I thought it might be a bit distracting to his classmates) but Peter Pan and Wendy accompanied us to Preschool Wednesday morning. Today they were dressed in their circus costumes- they are practicing for the show now while we wait for daddy to finish mowing the lawn.

Look at what we found in our yard this afternoon! Actually, the neighbor's dog found him- good thing there was a fence between them! He's back at the creek safe and sound now.We have a friend coming over tomorrow to help install our new windows- I am so excited, it will be so nice to actually be able to OPEN our windows- there is at least one window in out tiny house that we have NEVER been able to open!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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