Friday, April 9, 2010

three things my husband did not know when he married me

1. I am a (novice) trash picker. Her are a few of the things I have picked from neighbors trash over the past few years.

Two metal chairs that I sanded and spray painted teal

This armed dining chair that just needed to be re-glued. One of these days I will paint it.

This bench was a bit more work (thank you dad!) The wood was all rotten, so my dad replaced and stained the wood for us.

This changing table just needed the top board replaced. It acted at a shelf in the boys closet for awhile and now is actually used for it's intended purpose.

And my most recent find- this night stand. I had originally planned to sand and paint it, maybe even decoupage the top, but I think I like the distressed look, so for now I will leave it as is.

2. I love containers, especially glass and metal and have a hard time resisting bringing them all home with me :)

3. I love to rearrange furniture- here are just a few of the changes to one room over the past 2.5 years.

As Schoolroom
Those shelves and table are in the living/dining room now, along with the the chalk board in the next picture (which I am considering moving again).

Playroom (before the TV was moved out there) with a different table- this table seems to move back and forth between the garage and living room quite frequently.

And finally it's current state, as the boy's bedroom. (Hopefully those flowers will be going very soon!)
What are your "three things" ?

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Leslie said...

what a lot of wonderful finds


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