Sunday, April 18, 2010

window treatment

Okay, so our new windows are in (and they look oh so lovely) the trouble is, I can't decide what to do about curtains! I almost hate to cover them up they are so nice- even putting the couch back in front of the window was hard to do. But, they do seem kinda bare like this.

These are the curtains we had up before- just sheer, white, tie curtains. Oh, and there were blinds up before, but I am leaving those off, at least for now- I never have liked them anyway.

And here they are pulled back. I'm just not loving them.
What would you do?


Jess said...

DIY roman shades?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps double layered curtains . . . a darker, less see through material on top (unless you like that see through effect day as well as night time), and leave the sheer ones underneath (not sure how you would pull that off putting just the top layer back and letting the sheer layer hang). Or there are plantation blinds with sheer curtains . . . or those roll up, kind of weavy, bambooish type blinds/curtains (not sure what they are called). Anyhoo . . . just some thoughts. I really just wanted to write to tell you that I LOVE your quilt on your couch! Sooooo cute! ~Bonnie (Bill's Wife) :-)


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