Monday, May 3, 2010

april showers bring may flowers

Regan's Sunday School teacher asked Regan and I to come up with a Mother's Day craft for his class next week. These are a few of the ideas we've tried so far... Seems flowers are the theme of the day.

This was an idea we got from a Crayola video tutorial (I'm not sure where it is, so I can't link up, Sorry). I am thinking the bucket should be filled with Dove Dark Chocolates :)

You can find the tute for this card here.

And this flower pin is based on the same flower from the card above.

I also loved this idea too, but I think it may be a bit too time consuming for a Sunday School craft.

Do you have any great Mother's Day craft ideas for 3rd-5th graders?

1 comment:

bethany said...

oh my - i LOVE that last one, too! but i agree - too much for a sunday school craft. sadly, too much for a 5yo, too. maybe i'll save it for a couple of years from now! :)


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