Monday, May 10, 2010

my little house

Remember this post from before Christmas? Well, I finally got around to painting my house yesterday! And now my thread has a happy home, all neat and organized (and not thrown into the bottom of my notions box!)
I think my favorite part is the mushrooms.

Here is my sewing desk (much cleaner than it usually is).
People are always trying to figure out what those tins on the left spell. I picked them up on clearance at Michael's ($.25 each) and used a magnetic strip from Ikea to hang them. They hold things like safety pins, elastic, quilting pins and Velcro. I attached the letters with hot glue to help me find what I am looking for quicker. :) The dry erase board serves as both my idea board and a school board, hence the list of prepositions written on it now. I am enjoying the new set up in the office/school/craft room, but still find myself going to the wrong desk to find a notion or check my email every once in awhile! I think my favorite part is having the window right next to my sewing desk, and without things piled in front of it! Next I think I am going to tackle the living room!

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