Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new toys

My iron officially bit the dust last week. It's been touch and go for awhile now- sometimes needing a few whacks to get it working- but last Wednesday evening, no amount of hitting and wire jiggling (I know, I know, pulling off the base and messing with the wires while plugged in is dangerous- but what's a girl to do when she's in the middle of a sewing project and her iron won't turn on!!!) would get it working. I guess it had just been knocked off the ironing board one time too many.

As providence would have it, Phil's had some extra work recently and I was able to not only pick out a super fancy new iron, but a new ironing board too! And not just any ironing board, but an extra wide one with a built in iron and beer spray bottle holder!

1 comment:

Melanie said...

Let me know how it works for you. We have gone through 2 Rowenta irons. They keep leaking water. I'm wondering if we are not caring for it correctly, as I don't think the last one got dropped yet.


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