Saturday, May 29, 2010


Tallulah and Max had their Preschool graduation on Thursday. Tallulah's was first, graduation from the 3 year old class. First they processed down the isle, this is how she walked, the whole way!
After they sang some songs they each received their diploma, or certificate of completion of the 3 year old program.

It was quite emotional for me, saying good bye to the teacher who has taught 3 of my five children. I hope that when Addie is old enough we can send her to Mrs. B's class too!

After all the morning graduation excitement we headed back again in the evening for Max's graduation. He got to lead the pack into the sanctuary.

Max had two teachers this year, both wonderful ladies. And Mrs. S. made the transition from their first teacher to herself seamless- the kids did not miss a beat. Max is coming home so confident and ready for Kindergarten this fall- what a wonderful year this has been for both Max and Tallulah!

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