Monday, September 20, 2010

trying not to be a stranger

Just a few happenings in our house this past week.

We have chairs at out table now! I bought 5 antique wood chairs off Craig's List for $25! I am hoping my dad will be able to help me build this bench for the other side when they visit next week.

This has become Addie favorite play thing in the house. As soon as you put her on the floor she heads right for it! She's also discovered the book shelves and was happily pulling things off of them the other day.

My Hubby is teaching Regan and Micah to play the guitar. We ordered a 3/4 sized guitar from Amazon and it came in this HUGE box! The Kids spent an afternoon last week turning it into a tent complete with curtained windows and muraled walls.

I think (hope) we are finally getting into a routine around here and that I will be able to find more time to be here. We had family in town last week and probably will again by the weekend but I will still try and post more regularly than I have been!

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Cute blog, Amy! Bethany just told me you were a homeschooling/crafting blogger. You are staying quite busy aren't you!

Glad you liked the cinna-knots.


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