Monday, September 13, 2010

a weekend of yes

Regan woke up early Saturday morning, anxious for our getaway. As I finished packing our lunch and getting ready to load our stuff in the car Tallulah and Max both started throwing up! You could see the panic rising in her eyes, "does this mean we can't go mom?" But my super hero husband quickly made calls to say he would not make it to his leadership meeting at church, made arrangements for someone else to lead worship the next morning and ushered us out the door! (I was glad to hear, when I called later to check in, that everyone was feeling better by noon and even eating hot dogs!)

Our first stop was at the Sports Authority to get Regan's birthday present, a pair of roller blades. Then on to the beach!

Our hotel

Our room, complete with heart shaped jacuzzi tub!

The view from our deck

We played in the waves

Built a sand model of Pompeii complete with bathhouse, temple, vineyards, village and of course Mt Vesuvius!

Swam in the hotel pool
Surfed at the playground

Walked on the beach collecting shells
Roller bladed, ate, talked, giggled, danced... you get the idea- it was lots of fun! We slept in Sunday morning and woke to a cold rainy day. We had hoped to stick around the beach for awhile, but ended up taking one last (wet) walk on the beach and headed home after check out (stopping for something warm for lunch at Panera).

We finished off the weekend at home with our family eating pizza and cake.
Happy 9th Birthday, Regan! Where has the time gone?

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Courtney said...

what a great weekend! i can think of no better way to spend one's b'day than with her mother and it looks like you both really enjoyed it.


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