Wednesday, February 8, 2012

another random post

(A fun little stack of fabric that came in the mail last week.)

Seems we've finally made a turn for the better over hear.  Mo more aching ears, soar throats or wheezy coughs.  So in celebration we are heading to the store after P.E. to get the ingredients to make these and this.  Yum!  I love the guiltless pleasure of pregnant indulgence :)  Don't worry, I do plan to at least share the cheese cake with our friends on Friday night.

We got through school pretty quickly this morning and the kids are now sitting in the kitchen reading Matilda aloud to each other.  It is the first book of their newly formed book club :)

I laughed aloud last night when I read my hubby's Facebook post. Something about how at the dinner table Max (our 7 year old) started talking about William Seward as he mimicked stabbing himself in the face (with his hand, no weapons).  Only a homeschooler.

You know the game you play with a two year old where you point to an object and say "what's this?" encouraging their correct reply?  Well, Addie played that game with me this morning.  She held up a (clean) diaper to me, showing me the picture, and said "Mom, what dis?  I replied "Monkey" to which  she replied "wight, m m m monkey!" She says a lot of her words repeating the beginning sound, not like a stutter, but like she's already working on her phonics. :)

I can't wait to start stitching something fun with all that fabric up their!  But I still have that painting to work on (I ended up finishing the Gregor book and then watching NCIS LA and Parenthood instead of painting last night) and my March embroidery pattern to begin.  Plus I still have a few Christmas PJ's to finish up (hopefully before the kids grow out of them!)... I am sure I am forgetting another pressing project :)

Guess I should get off the computer and get busy!

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