Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i could stand in no longer

My little sewing corner had gotten out of control.  I did not take a before picture, but you can see it back there in the right corner (piled high with craft supplies and sewing projects) of this photo I took last week while I was moving my book shelf.

Last night I pulled everything off the desk and sorted and cleaned.  I put all my projects in bags and then into my new Project Box...

They are labeled and ready to by pulled out and worked on when ever I have a few moments to spare.

This was my fun thrift store find last week. 

I am quickly filling up all those drawers with notions and such.

And here is my little corner, all nice and clean- ready and waiting for me to come and sew something :)

Only problem?  I still have 3 boxes of goodies with no place to go!

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