Tuesday, February 28, 2012

we did it...

After much deliberation we finally decided to paint the living room and hallways all white. 

I had thought about doing a pale turquoise (maybe something like Megan's living room) on the top half of the walls, but it turns out the husband isn't really a fan of turquoise or any blue-green shade.   Who knew?  I've been painting things different shades of turquoise all over the house for years and my sweet husband never said a word!

Anyway, the other option was some sort of neutral-taupe, maybe a shade lighter and a bit grayer than in the kitchen, but that seemed so drab and un- "me."  Don't get me wrong, I love how our kitchen turned out, but I don't want my whole house to be taupe.

In the end I decided to just try it,  I mean, it's only paint right? So we started last weekend with the hallways.  I am still not totally sure what I think...

I definitely think I need to get some more color up on those walls.  Possibly some bunting over the chalk board or some bright fabric in embroidery hoops beside it?
The other hall has no chair rail and is generally pretty dark.  It looks a bit brighter and much cleaner (after 6 1/2 years of little hands touching and drawing all over the walls it was in serious need of a paint job!  Of course painting it white probably isn't the wisest choice if we want it to remain looking clean, oh well!)  Hopefully we will be able to get a couple walls in the living room done this weekend.

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