Tuesday, February 14, 2012

fort kits

I finished up the fort kits over the weekend.  The first one was given on Saturday and was a hit (yay!) The next is for a party on Friday.  So here is the final product...

Two sheets with ties sew on the corners and in the middle of the long sides of the sheets.
clothes pins

I made a small drawstring bag to store the rope, clamps and clothes pins...

and a larger bag to hold everything. 

This bag is also a drawstring bag, but I added straps to make it easier to carry.  I also make the bags plenty big so that the kids will have no problem just shoving the sheets and supplies back in the bag, because lets face it, you know they are not going to take the time to fold them all nicely like I did when its time to clean up :)
Next up?  Making one for my kids :)

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