Tuesday, February 7, 2012

is it tuesday already?

Seems like I go in spurts of too much to blog and then nothing... Not much to share today, but thought I would pop in anyway and share a bit of our uneventful Tuesday.

I have seen this painting around on the web and love it, but have no idea where it came from, so the other day I decided I would just have to paint my own version of it!  I sketched it out on a canvas the other day, but have not had time to start painting yet.  Maybe tonight once the kids are in bed.

Earlier Regan and I tried a new way to curl her hair, not sure about today's results, but it definitely has potential.

Right now I am trying to fix this hat that Regan was making, somehow she misunderstood my instructions on how to use the loom.  That pile of yarn on the floor is what I frogged earlier while Tallulah read to me.

The kids are watching Strawberry Shortcake and think I am going to sneak off to my room to read a bit more of this.  Micah and I are both reading the series right now.  It's the first time we have done this.  It's fun to be able to talk about what we've read, kinda like a book club.  I am definitely planning to pick a book or series to read with Regan next!

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Anonymous said...

Regan I like it! You are such a pretty girl. The only trouble is you are growing up to fast. Love, Grammy


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