Friday, February 10, 2012

handmade gifts for boys

The boys both have birthday parties to attend this week.  I have been putting off shopping for presents because I just hate going to the toy store and wandering the isles hoping that something will jump out at us that does not cost a fortune and that the child will like and that they do not already have.  My favorite gifts are handmade, but handmade birthday gifts for 9 year old boys are not the easiest to come up with.  Then I remembered my handmade gifts for kids board on Pinterest.  I knew there wasn't much in their and I was not too hopeful that there was anything "boy" in there and then I saw the pins for fort kits.  That was it!  I showed Micah the links and he liked the idea so we headed out to the thrift store and Dollar tree for the supplies.
I dug through my stash for some boy fabric to make the bags to store it all in and this afternoon I will get to work sewing on ties to the sheets and stitching up bags!
I'll post pictures when they are both done.

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