Monday, February 20, 2012

birthday shopping

My birthday was last week.  I got a mix of birthday cash and gift cards, and after much deliberation decided to splurge in some crafting goodies I've been eying for awhile.  This 12" square, rotating cutting mat was my first purchase...

And I've already put it to good use cutting at least 100- 2" squares (sorted by Tallulah).

Today I stitched up this bitty patchwork bib (Sorry, the color is a bit funky in this picture, mostly due to my attempts to rescue a too dark pic.)  I backed it with terry cloth and am anxiously awaiting my next birthday purchase to finish it off with a pretty snap!
I also ordered a few craft books from Amazon- two of which are on their way right now and the other two I'll have to wait until their release date in April. 

All in all not a bad birthday for this sewing mama :)

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