Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I hope I never forget...

the cute things my kids say. Like when Max was 2 he said "wes" and "weah" instead of "yes" and "yeah". And today when we were coming home from VBS He was excitedly telling me about his snack of "smarshsmellows" dipped in chocolate (yes, they had a chocolate fountain at VBS, a bit over the top, I know).

Lulu is about to turn two, so she is overflowing with cuteness as she tries to talk... My favorite word of T's is "bo-bo" which is really "elbow". Tonight as I was saying goodnight to the girls I said "I love you, Lulu" to which she replied "I wuv ooo" I think that is the first time I have heard her say that in three distinct words. My baby is growing up!
watching TV
or not!

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Anonymous said...

I love those moments. For a while I would record those special moments on index cards and throw them in their scrapbooks. But then I gave up scrapbooking and the index cards went by the wayside. A friend of mine www.restorationplace.typepad.com keeps a notebook on her counter for recording moments like those.


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