Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just for fun

So, despite my better judgment, I am about to post some embarrassingly bad photos of myself. Hopefully the humor in the following pics will out-weigh how bad they are! And if you look at any of them and think that they do not look "that bad", please don't write to tell me, I would like to keep living under illusion that I do not really look like that!

So, here goes... I have been thinking about cutting bangs. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance the other night, and I love Courtney G's hair! (I am sure that it has something to do with how cute she it too!)

So, here is a picture of me, just regular old me, sitting at my computer. (and yes, I did make the pictures smaller on purpose)
Here is where two incredibly ridiculous pictures should be. You know, the ones from one of those web sites where you upload your picture and then add different hair-do's trying to find the best one for you. If you have not tried it before you really aught to give it a shot, it is worth a few giggles anyway, and Lulu loved seeing mommy's hair change. Anyway, back to my story... Something went wrong and the files were corrupt when I tried to upload my saved pictures. It is probably better for me, honestly, but you are missing out on a good laugh!

This was supposed to be another, not quite as ridiculous, but still pretty bad picture, once again, you loss and my gain!

Finally there was the closest I could come to Courtney G's hair, considering the fact that it was fake internet hair pasted onto my head.

So, I am sorry to have to leave you with my own version of me with fake bangs. I hope you are not too disappointed. I know, I had built it up so much... I am I bit disappointed that the pictures would not upload... or maybe not!
So, what do you think? Bangs or no Bangs?


Anonymous said...

Soooo funny! I spent an hour today trying on different hairstyles--with bangs--at In Style magazine's web site. My 7yo dd had the best time doing the same. Too much!

By the way, I like the softness the bangs add to your face. I think I'm going to get some more when I go to get my hair done.

Anonymous said...

I like the bangs, but I am sure it will be work to make them look good all of the time! You are beautiful either way!
Heather Ferugson

Amy Stackler said...

As I age, I grow more and more fond of bangs. They are pretty easy to trim yourself, I usually get the first cut by someone other than me and then I maintain.
I like them on you. Do it!

all about paulamarie said...

I think bangs:) I forgot to post sooner...but I wanted to make sure I gave the right advice ;-)

Go for it. They can always grow back!


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