Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Muffin Tin Monday... a little late!

I had fully intended to do this over the weekend so that the post would be up on Monday when we were away, but time got the better of me and we did not get a chance to have our Muffin Tin lunch until today. So, here is my post, sorry it is a bit late!Left to Right: 1. salt water taffy from the beach 2. pear slices 3. ranch dressing 4. carrot sticks 5. peanuts 6. craisins 7. blueberry bagel chunks 8. string cheese 9. cubes of monterrey jack 10. peanut butter 11. apple slices 12. pistachios


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
You left a comment/question at my article at Heart of the Matter. So sorry to take so long to answer. We don't receive notification of comments, so we don't know that they're there unless we check.

Anyway, the exercise you asked about, the "Writing Eight Exercise"
is described in the manual "Brain Integration Therapy for Children" by Dianne Craft. You can find it at or by using this link:

Again, sorry for the delay. I hope the method works wonderfully for you!

katy said...

yipeee! thanks for playing!! Great photo, great food. My oldest has fond memories of salt water taffy that we bought at the WA coast. Her flavor was "rainbow." Still not sure what it tasted like :)

Hope to see you next week -


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