Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, already?

Time has been flying by and I have been writing post after post in my head, but never finding the time to sit down and actually type them out! I still have Christmas pictures to show, but since it is New Years day (for a least another hour) I figured I would post my thoughts on the new year and come back to Christmas next week.

Seems like since last January life has been happening to me at vortex speed and I am constantly caught off guard- wondering where the time has gone and how I am somehow functioning in the chaos. I have a lists running everywhere- some on paper, some in my head, some here, most lost in the abyss- there are so many things that I want to be and do but without a real plan I am stumbling through even the most basic things.

With all these things in mind I read again about how Ann names here years and suddenly it seemed the right time for me to name my year also. So I began writing another list- one of things I know I'd like to grow in- the list is long with words like content, gentle, still, present, slow to anger, patient... and as I listed I prayed- that the one thing I needed most would stick out. At first I found the idea of picking just one word hard- how could I narrow it down, there were so many ways I need and want to grow, but then it became clear- the one word that stuck out amongst all the others- ABIDE - because if I am not abiding in Him, then none of those other things (contentment, gentleness, patience) would ever be possible. So this year- I will (begin) to learn what it means to truly abide with Him.

As the year began today- with the tearing up of our kitchen floor I found my self praying that God would remodel my heart- scrape up the the old sinful nature that is dried to my heart with years of old glue and make me knew again- and in those moments- in the monotony of daily life, I found God and I sat with Him.
Happy New Year!

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Rachel Marie said...

Beautiful post- I love how Ann names her years too. Mine doesn't have one word- it's 2:
Reduce Excess. In every area I want to, need to simplify. In order to work on my list of "self improvement" better known as the sanctification of a mother, I need to reduce the clutter around me and in me!!


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